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{FOG} Flows though the Noshahr Canals

FoG News

Posted on: Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:20 pm

FoG News

 The cloud covered Caspian Sea was the back drop for another successful offensive by {FOG} troops. The once captive northern Iranian port city of Noshahr was liberated by a {FOG} covert team earlier this week. {FOG} personnel used heavy armor to subdue the enemy combatants.  Multiple insurgent helicopters were shot down using heat seeking rockets. The enemy quickly abandoned their air attack and re routed all remaining troops in a last ditch effort at a ground offensive.  {FOG} commanders had anticipated this desperate maneuver and countered with air and ground forces creating a tsunami like effect on the enemy. With the enemy in full retreat and the canals open for trade, {FOG} once again claimed total victory! 

{FOG} Command did report one incident of friendly fire as Drhandgunn’s left foot was run over by newly trained tank operator WMunny. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Posted By WMunny, Read 2659 Times, Read Full Article


{FOG} presses it’s advantage on Radical Newbs

FoG News Extra

Posted on: Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:10 pm

FoG News Extra

In an attempt to win the hearts and minds of the indigenous population, {FOG} HQ is offering a reward for May’s top soldiers on the {FOG} battlefield.

{FOG}’s senior commanders released this statement, “The best of the best will be rewarded for their efforts in the war on insurgent newbs."

The top 5 soldiers on {FOG} for the month of May will receive a free copy of BF3 CQC

One member of the {FOG} strike team had this to say, “well it’s better than the red badge of courage.”


Details of the program will be released in the FOG forum.



Posted By WMunny, Read 2897 Times, Read Full Article


{FoG} Gets An Old Friend

FoG News

Posted on: Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:47 pm

FoG News

Coming straight from the mainland, {FoG} Central Command is shipping new Jeeps with the much anticipated horn. The previous supply of Jeeps was compromised during manufacturing by insurgent newbs in an effort to muffle American pride. {FoG} Four Star General KMourt stated while on the putting green with part of his cabinet, that “{FoG} will not be silenced by rebellious newbs. This includes our servicemen overseas… Now watch me make this putt.” FoG Head Recruiter Gunnesch had this to say about the new equipment, “Others many think a horn would just give away our position, but nothing is better than seeing a newb look like a deer in headlights right before he becomes meow mix.” The new shipment of Jeeps will be shipped on an unreleased date, and older commissioned vehicles will be retrofitted with the new equipment. Commander W.Munny has stated, “These horns can not be customized to play different sounds.” This was met with great disappointment by {FoG} Operator TermEnator who planned for his jeep to play “La Cucaracha”   



Posted By WMunny, Read 2766 Times, Read Full Article


{FoG} Train Rolls through the Subways of Paris

FoG News

Posted on: Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:49 pm

FoG News

 The dark and smoke filled subways of Paris were the scene of an intense battle between {FoG} operators and insurgents. {FoG} troops were sent to eradicate enemy forces once their location was confirmed by surveillance. The battle was quickly over as it became clear that {FoG}'s urban combat tactics would be no match for the untrained but well armed enemy. Evidence of the battle remained this morning as French officials cleared debris and what appeared to be multiple bodies. Several FAMAS with M320 attachments left behind by the fleeing enemy were also recovered. {FoG} HQ confirms the enemy is in retreat and is now operating in the area of Seine Crossing. {FoG} HQ says operatives will remain in the area to insure the safety of the workers repairing the transit system. 


Unconfirmed reports have {FoG} troops advancing towards Seine Crossing. {FoG} HQ would not comment on this breaking development.

Posted By WMunny, Read 3015 Times, Read Full Article

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